1to1 Roadshow powered by FreeWheel

Programmatic Direct comes to life

Ready to boost your programmatic direct transactions through speed-dating for deal IDs and smart casual networking?

The 2016  1to1 roadshow gets a facelift after its very first edition. We are BORN GLOBAL, so Europe was just a warm-up session. We will visit new locations this year. And we will introduce the TECH IT EASY session to help publishers make the most out of the FreeWheel’s technology.
In 2015, FreeWheel decided to design the 1to1 roadshow, the first event dedicated to programmatic direct because programmatic direct means serious business.

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Tech it easy
Born Global



It is important to be at the FreeWheel event to meet all the buyers in the Dutch market."

Ramses van Hövell

Sales Director, Massarius

It is a good way to actually promote our private market place and our offer.”

Stephy Lim

Digital Revenue Manager, TF1 Publicité

We do a lot of business, a lot of campaigns and we only see the names of the companies we are doing the business with. And it is always good to see who the persons behind those companies are.”

Kenneth Wong Loi Sing

Managing Director, Strictly Digital

Perfect to close deals and have a good refresher on our offer."

Gilles Guillou

Revenue Manager, La Place Media

It is a great opportunity to meet our customers. The objective is in the long run to develop specific offers with deal IDs.“

Thibaud Chevalier

Head of Programmatic, M6 Publicité

The client told us their needs, we talk how to set up deals and we can use that for the future.“

Alexander Wieghard

Head of Performance Sales, Axel Springer

For us it was a good opportunity to get in touch with a lot of people of the RTB business. I think it is a nice approach to have a lot of meetings during a short time.“

Daniel Knab

Head of Agency Sales, clipkit

I have the chance to meet at the same table the people I use to work with and I can try to find new ways of cooperation, solve problems or even develop new business opportunities.”

Roberto Sitzia

Digital Infrastructure Manager, Condenast


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